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                            Welcome to Phoenica's website! 

Donate or go fuck yourself! We hope you enjoy your time on the server. Phoenica is currently a growing server and community, and so we are always eager to find those who are willing to help take part in its expansion. This being said, any and all suggestions are welcome, and you can share your thoughts with us on the forums. Additionally, your continued support both in donations and in votes helps us continue to expand, so we can make your experience on the server better.


                                              Some info about the server

Phoenica is an RPG survival server which aims to create an environment in which people will feel comfortable expressing themselves as they wish to. On Phoenica, we believe strongly in free speech, but also think that a person has a responsibility in expressing themselves to comport themselves with some sort of maturity. While playing on Phoenica, simply take maturity to mean that you shouldn't treat things too seriously, nor should you be intentionally hurtful to other players. We are very lenient most of the time, but we will enforce the few rules that we do have with consistency. On Phoenica, you do not have to fear abusive administrators or staff. 

                                                      Staff Members

We have a few staff members who are responsible for helping to run different parts of Phoenica. If you have any queries, you should direct yourself towards any of the following, but try to get ahold of whichever one is in charge of the portion of the server which is related to the issue you are having.

EmperorTerds: This is the creator and co-owner of the server. He, along with Nictator is responsible for content creation. He is also minimally responsible for running some of the plugins. The site is completely run by him.
Andypherius: This is a co-owner of the server. She oversees punishments and ban appeals, and deals with staff infractions.
Roche114: This is a co-owner of the server, who is responsible for making sure plugins run correctly.
Korlosh: An administrator of the server who is largely responsible for the builds on the server.
Brankkster7: A moderator who is able to kick, mute, or ban rule-breakers.


Latest Features

5 August Loyalty Reward Entries

$5.00 USD

Limit to one per month

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Unbreakable Elytra

$7.29 USD

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Pimp Stick

$4.99 USD

A stick enchanted with knockback 10

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Invincible Siamese Cat

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Invincible Tabby cat

$2.99 USD

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Invincible Tuxedo Cat

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Premium Donation

$14.99 USD

Gives you a Premium Donator rank, access to all /warps and a small permanent speed boost.

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Give Head ;)

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Basic Donation

$7.49 USD

Gives you a Basic Donator Rank, and all access to current and future /warps

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