Started by Jack Pino Jack Pino on Jul 13, 2016

Player gangs and factions

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2 years ago

I think it would be cool if players create and join factions. We don't necessary need any faction/clan plugin to do this. Then there would be two kind of players in this server: the lone wolves and those who would rather join a group of other players. Then these factions would choose if they're going to be peaceful farmers, builders, merchants, mad griefers... They could also build their own town, etc...

I think pluginless factions would be good in a vanilla server and would make the playing experience more enjoyable. What do you guys think?

2 years ago

I think this would be a great idea - however, since we are not a faction's server, it's very difficult for us to sponsor the formation of player-made groups. This being said, such groups would have to be started by - and maintained - by players. Though it would be difficult to implement, I have hoped since we started the server that people would begin to do this, and it would ultimately end up in a war between different factions. Such circumstances would greatly increase the amount of competition and the sense of community felt within Phoenica. 

Though we cannot interfere in the formation of such groups, perhaps we could facilitate their formation and help to direct new players to those wishing to lead a group or faction. I will think about how to most effectively do so. I may make a forum section specifically for the purpose of faction recruitment and for players to post that they are looking for a group; even with this feature, however, I would like to avoid the server becoming too faction-centric. 

Thank you for your thoughts!


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