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August Player Loyalty Rewards (Aug. 1st - Aug. 31st)

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2 years ago

What is the loyalty reward system?

Simply put, players who are supportive of the server (in terms of votes and/or a small buy-in) will, from here on, have a chance of winning a tangible product each month under the tenets of the loyalty reward system. We thought it would be a nice way to give back to the community of Phoenica, since it is to the community that the owners owe the success of the server thus far.

What are the rewards?

The rewards each month will vary. This first month is to be only a trial, and this being said, the reward will not be anything too extravagant; this month, it is a gaming mouse. For those interested in the specifications of this mouse, here is a link to it:

How can I get this reward?

Via Voting

There are three ways that someone can receive loyalty rewards. One way (possibly the easiest) is by simply voting for our server. Using this method, it is important to understand that the more you vote, the larger of a chance you have of receiving the loyalty reward. The breakdown is thus:

5 votes = 1 entry
10 votes = 2 entries
15 votes = 3 entries

Purchasing entries

The second way that someone can win the loyalty reward is by buying some entries from the site. This method is limited; you may only purchase 5 entries per month -- if you attempt to buy more, your entries will be put towards the next month's reward. We will only sell this in a package, which is thus:

5 entries = $5.

Creating an account on the website/posting

The final method through which someone may get an entry is by creating an account on our website (the one which you are currently browsing) and posting something on our forums that isn't just gibberish or inane dribble. This is only good for a single entry a month, however, and this being said, you may only receive a single entry using this method once a month. Nonetheless, it is a pretty easy way to receive a chance to getting your reward.

How will you receive your reward?

Simply put, I will ship it to you. I understand that some of you may feel uncomfortable giving out your address. I can guarantee you that your information will never be disclosed to anyone except myself. None of the other staff members or owners will have knowledge of where I am shipping anything now, or in the future. You have my own personal guarantee that everything will always be completely confidential. 


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